Progressive Rehabilitation

Livingston Progressive Rehabilitation


Horizons Hall is a 70 bed sub-acute rehabilitation unit which offers well-appointed rooms with Internet access, flat screens TV’s, and private bathrooms. Private rooms are also available for patients upon request. Horizons also houses a 3,000 square foot, state-of-the-art therapy gym furnished with various equipment used to increase function and independence including a treadmill, Nu-Step machine, standing table, parallel bars, and a recumbent bike. Therapists also use specialized equipment like the LiteGait system, which assists patients who must maintain a limited weight bearing status and maintains proper posture while training, and the SciFit Pro II upper/lower body ergometer, which offers bi-directional movement, resistance and a heart rate monitoring system. A full kitchen, full bathroom, and laundry facilities are also installed in the gym to help mimic realistic activities, further ensuring safety upon returning home.

The therapists come from a diverse background of providing acute, sub-acute, inpatient, and outpatient care. Some have even worked at top research rehabilitation centers. The expertise of our staff is complemented by years of experience, with each therapist holding anywhere from 10 to 20 years of practice and specialization.

Rated “excellent” in patient satisfaction surveys, the therapy department is committed to assisting patients in reaching their goals. Therapists achieve excellent outcomes by providing personal attention to each patient, addressing functional transfers and mobility issues, practicing “everyday” activities, and providing patient/caregiver education to ensure success upon discharge. “Family meetings” are arranged with our therapists along with our social services department to discuss patient’s progress and answer any questions or concerns families may have regarding the patient’s rehabilitative goals. The rehabilitation team includes a Physiatrist who visits twice weekly to medically oversee the rehab program and ensure patient recovery. Programs run 7 days a week and include occupational, physical, and speech therapy.

Cardiac Program
Orthopedic Program
Stroke Program

Cardiac Program
At Inglemoor, specialized programs are created with the utmost care and research before instituting them. One of which is the Cardiac Program, which was developed with specific protocols designed for patients diagnosed with but not limited to:

  • Congestive Heart Failure (CHF)
  • A-Fib (Atrial Fibrillations)
  • Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG)
  • Post Open Heart Surgical Care
  • Valvular Heart Disease
  • Pacemaker
  • Anticoagulation Management

Inglemoor collaborated with local cardiologists and cardiac nurse practioners to develop a program that would, with extensive staff training, produce positive outcomes. Specific protocols were developed with a multi-disciplinary approach to help each patient with his or her recovery. This team of registered nurses, physical and occupational therapists, and clinical dietician work with physicians to meet the specific needs of cardiac patients. After cardiac surgery or other cardiac-related procedures, the team guides patients through a personalized plan of care which includes education on risk factor modification, medication management, nutrition optimization, strength restoration, and other factors that contribute to overall cardiac health.

Because Inglemoor realizes that the transition in diet can be difficult for those who have been recently diagnosed with a cardiac condition, the full-time dietician closely monitors patients’ nutritional needs and provides recommendations and nutritional plans for the transition home.

To maintain continual care, follow-up appointments with patients’ primary cardiologists are made during their stay, but if a medical necessity arises or a follow-up is not possible with one’s own physician, Inglemoor, as another means of providing quality outcomes for cardiac residents, can contact its own cardiologist who can provide the care and consultation needed on-site.

Orthopedic Program
Inglemoor Rehabilitation and Care Center offers exceptional orthopedic programs designed by some of the top orthopedic surgeons who worked alongside Inglemoor’s rehabilitation and nursing teams. Whether the patient underwent a scheduled orthopedic surgery or sustained an injury, various rehabilitative programs are available to help patients regain their strength and independence. The provided orthopedic programs specialize in:

  • Total Knee Replacements (TKR)
  • Total Hip Replacements (THR)
  • Hip Fractures
  • Shoulder, arm, hand fractures
  • Back and neck injuries

Physical and occupational therapy programs are developed to compensate for the deficit in endurance and strength caused by surgery, focusing on achieving an optimal level of function and mobility for each resident. This includes exercises in strength and balance, transfers, ambulation, and gait training. Thermal modalities such as ultrasound, electrical stimulation, cryo therapy, and moist heat are used in conjunction with these exercises to manage pain and increase function. Follow-up appointments are maintained with patients’ orthopedic surgeons to ensure continual progress and safe discharge.

Stroke Program

Inglemoor’s highly regarded stroke program is designed to treat patients who have suffered from a range of severe cerebral vascular accidents (CVA’s) to mild transient ischemic attacks (TIA’s). From the day of admission, the interdisciplinary team works aggressively to provide individualized interventions to help patients return home to their families and communities. Therapy and Nursing Departments work closely together with the goal of returning patients to their pre-stroke functioning level. The program does, however, consider that this goal is not always completely attainable and teaches patients new ways of performing tasks to compensate for any residual disabilities suffered from a stroke. The stroke program also comprises of a full-time speech therapist, who designs individualized programs to assist patients in re-learning or modifying their communication skills in order to have their needs expressed.

Ultimately, the focus of the stroke program is to help patients become independent as soon as possible, allowing them to return home safely. To ensure this safe return, Social Services provides assistance with arranging visiting nurse, private home care, and home modification services as with ordering any durable medical equipment needed for the safe mobility around the home. Therapy Department also provides family and caregiver training to reinforce the safety of a discharge plan.

The patients who participate in the stroke program seek not only post-hospitalization rehabilitation but also continued sub-acute therapy after maximizing their stay at an acute rehabilitation center. Full-time case managers are available to conduct assessments at both hospitals and acute rehabilitation facilities to ensure we can meet the needs and goals of these patients before admission into Inglemoor.


Testimonials From Our Patients and Their Families

It is an excellent care center, caring staff, clean facility, mom is happy and well cared for.

-Benjamin H.

The Best. BernardinoC was here for two months and received the most Loving Care.

-Mariazinha C.

This is an amazing place. The halls are so full of caretakers, you have to dodge them. What a warm, loving place.

-Brenda L.

I will begin by saying that the staff at Inglemoor are exceptionally skilled and competent in addition to being friendly and kind. This is true of the medical/clinical staff, rehab department, physical/occupation therapy department, recreational staff, social workers, and others. The dietary department goes above and beyond in providing food that actually tastes good. And the housekeeping department is diligent in keeping things scrupulously clean.

-Linda P.

This place is amazing, the caring and people make the place. All the nurses and aides are considerate, helpful and happy making this a wonderful place for my mom. My mother is more comfortable and happy and I am thankful we were able to get her in.

-Mr. Emen