The Goals of Rehabilitation

April 8, 2020 12:00 pm

If you have suffered from a stroke or heart attack, had major surgery, or experienced another health issue that has compromised your ability to participate in your normal daily activities, then you may need the services of a rehabilitation unit. Rehabilitation units are specialized in-patient care units offering post-hospitalization medical care as well as focused therapy to restore both health and function to patients. These units are more intensive than out-patient rehabilitation and care and are normally focused on assisting patients who require a greater level of care than they can get at home or in a facility without rehabilitation professionals.

Main Goals of Rehabilitation

There are two main goals of rehabilitation, and how these goals are determined and defined depends on what occurred in each individual case and the overall prognosis for the health condition and recovery of a patient. Whenever possible the goal of rehabilitation is to help a patient return to the level of function they had prior to their medical event. In cases where full recovery is not possible, the goal becomes restoring as much function as possible and helping a patient prepare for, and adapt to, any post-trauma life changes.

Once patients are admitted to Inglemoor Rehabilitation, they begin to work with the our interdisciplinary team. Our team includes medical and rehabilitation personnel who work together to achieve the individual goals established for each patient. In some cases, once critical life skills and function have been restored, additional therapy may be needed to focus on tempering the impact of any residual disabilities. In addition to traditional physical therapy and medical intervention, rehabilitation may include aid like speech therapy.

An important component of rehabilitation is understanding how a patient will be living after being released from the rehab facility. At Inglemoor, our team helps develop this plan by having regular meetings with an individual’s family, loved ones or caretaker. These meetings are a chance for us to break down patient progress and set expectations, and a chance for our team to understand the setting a patient will be moving into and the care that will be available for them. This process helps determine when a patient should be released from our facility and whether they will require sub-acute home caregivers upon release.

Testimonials From Our Patients and Their Families

It is an excellent care center, caring staff, clean facility, mom is happy and well cared for.

-Benjamin H.

The Best. BernardinoC was here for two months and received the most Loving Care.

-Mariazinha C.

This is an amazing place. The halls are so full of caretakers, you have to dodge them. What a warm, loving place.

-Brenda L.

I will begin by saying that the staff at Inglemoor are exceptionally skilled and competent in addition to being friendly and kind. This is true of the medical/clinical staff, rehab department, physical/occupation therapy department, recreational staff, social workers, and others. The dietary department goes above and beyond in providing food that actually tastes good. And the housekeeping department is diligent in keeping things scrupulously clean.

-Linda P.

This place is amazing, the caring and people make the place. All the nurses and aides are considerate, helpful and happy making this a wonderful place for my mom. My mother is more comfortable and happy and I am thankful we were able to get her in.

-Mr. Emen